Wednesday, 21 April, 2010

Going offline

I have decided to go offline for 3 days i.e. after this post, till (at least till) 24-Apr-10 i.e. Saturday morning. All that I do after connecting to the Internet is check mails, check bank accounts, check share prices and check Facebook updates. There is no good reason to do this but I still do it everyday 3 times just because I have nothing else to do or at least it seems that I have nothing else to do.

I am not working so I don't receive any official mails. All my friends are on Facebook and we keep in touch indirectly, so there is no reason to check mails expecting to hear from any friend. Since I am not working, I don't get any salary, so I rarely use my bank account, so there is no need to check my account status thrice a day. Most of the shares invested in are for long-term so no point is tracking the prices everyday. That leaves Facebook updates.

Ah, Facebook! well, involuntarily I am getting addicted to it and it is really not easy for me see that the rest of the world is hunky dory, what with all the vacation and birthday party pictures all over and I am the only one who has nothing to do, not even a decent camera with which I too could take some new pictures and post them.

I know the real problem is something else and somewhere deep but let me start with going offline and not facing Facebook.

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