Monday, 26 November, 2007

My Triplets

Yes it has been quite some time now.So thought of doing something that I have never done before. Since no one reads my blog and so obviously no one tags me, I decided to pick up the tag from So here it goes.

3 smells I love
1. Smell of new born babies - its a great combination of milk, soap, oil etc
2. Smell of a new book
3. Smell of jasmine

3 smells I hate
1. Dried fish
2. Smell at the hosiptals
3. Those room freshners which are worse than the smelling rooms

3 job's I have had in my life
I have changed 3 companies in my career as a software engineer however here are the weird jobs (weird in the sense,normally no software engineer would have done them) that I have done
1. Soon after my college I took up a job as a secretary in a company that made water purifiers. All that I did for 2 months was wait for my boss to come back from the long vacation that he had taken. Finally I quit before meeting him.
2. Took up a teaching job at a software institute. Here I realized that I can be a good teacher. I got a 10/10 in the feedback from students. No teacher in the institute had ever got this before.

3 movies I could watch over and over again
1. Godfather I
2. Munnabhai MBBS
3. Dil Chahta hai

3 fond memories
Actually there are many-many of them. Just listing those that come to my mind immediately
1. The day my father bought a bicycle for me
2. All hostel memories
3. The day my husband flew in from Bangalore to Mumbai for my birthday

3 jobs I would love to have
1. Any job that I can do from home and guarantees to pay me as much as I earn today :-)
2. Job that gives me the authority to clean up and establish simple yet effective administartive and human resources processes in India
3. Teach in a management school (though I am underqualified for it)

3 things I like to do
1. Just laze around on a sofa and do nothing
2. Play with my kids (I can do this max for 30 minutes - not a good parent, i know)
3. Read

3 of my favourite foods
There are again many however these are the ones which I can eat even when I am totally full
1. Idli-Sambhar (yes that "h" in there is intentional)- I love idlis so much that I once thought of marrying a madrassi
2. Home cooked rice and dal (it is actually the very traditional maharashtrian "amti" that I love) with ghee on it
3. Boiled egg

3 places I'd like to be right now
1. In 1997 when I was just out of college and in my first job
2. At some coffee shop chatting with friends
3. At one of those "resorts that promise to rejuvenate you"

3 things that make me cry
1. I always cry when a fight with my husband and PMS coincide
2. Betrayal
3. Movies on differently abled kids