Friday, 7 March, 2008

Google, I am lost

I have not been able to access "Google" from office since Wednesday.
You think "big deal, uh!" ?
But trust me, it, is a "BIG DEAL".

Today I tried accessing Google for searching the below and much more which I cannot recollect.
1) Qantas airways website
2) Testing parameters
3) Mumbai Airport Website
4) Checklist for home renovation
5) Wikipedia (Can you believe? I search for Wikipedia URL also through Google)

And when every time Google took me to the "We're sorry" page, I didn't know what to do.Didn't even think of typing the likely URLs in the address bar and just giving it a shot.I did try Yahoo, MSN and Altavista but then they are not the same as Google. My eyes are so tuned to the Google website that any other search results do not make sense. I realized, Google has turned me into a handicap when it comes to finding stuff on the Internet.

And the last line on their "We're sorry" page says "We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google". Are you joking? I will be accessing your URL every 10 mins to check "just in case you are back". I have so much to search.