Friday, 29 February, 2008

To my lost comrades

I lost touch with some when I moved from one place to the other due to my father's job, with some after school, some after college, some after changing jobs, some after changing cities, some after fights, some after misunderstandings and some just like that.

With some,I lost touch gradually and with some others it was abrupt. With the ones I lost touch gradually, initially we exchanged letters, then phone calls and emails, then just emails, and then the silence.

Most of them are just a email/phone call away but there is still a very big distance in between. Not sure what that distance is about and why it got created. I guess, its just because people move on to newer places and hence new people.I do hear about them once in a while, sometimes from group-mails , sometimes from someone's orkut profile or sometimes from some new friend.

Sometimes I do feel like getting back in touch but then I know that things won't be the same again.

So, this post is for all my lost comrades-I am glad we met,talked,listened, laughed,cried, fought-made up-fought, helped, ignored and much more.

Life would not have been worthwhile without you guys.

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